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Above is one video from a selection of workshops that we deliver. Click Here for more workshops brought to you by Adapa Training



Adapa Training is London’s leading multicultural skills and training provider. Focusing on services for young people, employability skills, human rights training, identity empowerment and multicultural skills training.

If you are thinking about using our services then here are four reasons why you should

  1. Unique – We are both unique in the type and variety of training we offer.
  2. Flexible – We will work with you, fitting what you require into a simple and easy plan. Simply call us
  3. Professional – We have a team that areĀ  always upgrading our material keeping it in line with legislation making sure you get the best out of all our sessions.
  4. Affordable – Constantly working towards providing quality where cost is not affected. .


“Adapa Training helped me see the world in a different light.”

Jeremy Sintala (36)


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